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Is an online loan the cheaper alternative to a bank loan?

Even if you plan your financial affairs with the greatest possible foresight, you can find yourself in a situation that requires an installment loan. In the past, customers could only take advantage of the offers of established branch banks. In the meantime, the financial market has evolved, so taking out an online loan can also be a good choice.

Serious comparison portal

Serious comparison portal

With the confusing banking network in the country, you have the difficulty that countless financial institutions vie for your favor. Under these conditions, how should you find a personal loan that fits your current financial situation in the shortest possible time? Private applicants quickly research innumerable information from the various loan providers, but ultimately do not come to any meaningful result. The time-saving option is an online loan through a well-known financial intermediary like From a wide range of offers on the comparison portal, you will receive the loan option that is best suited to your current income situation. Of course, you could compile the data yourself at any time, but you would have to invest a lot of your precious free time for this work.

It is easier with the services of an online loan agency, for which you do not have to pay a franc. Another advantage is that you do not have to be bound to a fixed offer when lending. You will receive several different offers here. Before you decide on a bank loan, you can thoroughly review the respective contract conditions in advance. The situation is different at a branch bank: if you audition there, you can only accept or reject the loan offer that is submitted to you.

Free intermediaries: how does it work?

Free intermediaries: how does it work?

Even if it were logical, an intermediary service like will not charge you any further expenses for granting an installment loan. This favorable situation for you is based on the fact that on-site advice and an expensive branch network are completely eliminated. Individualized loan packages also help to reduce costs. In addition, the online version is the much faster way: an appointment with the bank is no longer necessary, as are your appearance there and the nerve-racking wait for a decision.

Furthermore, this lending has the advantage that you only have to submit your loan application once – and this has a positive effect on your credit rating.

Why is that?

Anyone who requests private loans from various banks in the country more often causes their own creditworthiness to be downgraded. This will put you in a vicious circle, because in the end it will be much more difficult to obtain an installment loan. If you make a one-time request to a reputable financial intermediary, you do not take any risks in this connection. You do not have to worry about possible debt either, because in this case the loan would not be approved.

How safe is it?

How safe is it?

For a number of years now, the times when online financial transactions were uncertain were over. The security of your money and your personal data is no longer at risk compared to other online shops. To ensure this, reputable providers like never work with dubious money houses.


An online personal loan is a safe and contemporary alternative for your finances. In addition, you can largely decide freely the duration and the amount of the loan.

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